Slightly Savvy Summer Camp

A Blogger's Guide to Working with Brands from a PR Perspective

Michelle signed a 4-figure deal with Neutrogena.

Lisa booked her first paid collaboration after blogging for 4+ years without a single paid job.

Bailey pitched herself $1200 in brand collaborations in the first month after Summer Camp.

Blogger babes, Summer Camp is here.

Summer Camp is the ultimate guide for bloggers wanting to work with brands.

If you’re a blogger or influencer who wants to work with brands you love AND make money doing it, Summer Camp is for you.

It’s tons of resources, pitching templates, and exact pricing checklists specifically from my PR experience - all for bloggers wanting to learn to work more with brands.

Which is what you needed, right?

So, it’s a super good thing you’re here right now.

Let’s talk more.

Summer Camp is the ultimate breakdown for bloggers to learn how to work with brands...

....from the perspective of a PR pro who chooses influencers for brand collaborations every day.

Are you a blogger wanting to work with brands? Have you finally reached a point where you're ready to take your blogging career seriously...and get paid for the work you do? Or maybe you're just starting out but you're planning from Day 1 to monetize your blog with brand collaborations?

Well then, I am BEYOND happy that you landed on Summer Camp.

Think about the hours you pour in to your blog and Instagram - the editing photos, shooting photos, writing content, engaging with your readers, drafting caption ideas, building an audience all the way up from ground 0.

.....all to get asked to work for free clothes, a discount code, or way less than you deserve.

No thanks, don't sign me up for that.

I came up with Summer Camp to help you guys turn your side hustles and your side babies into full on businesses or serious sources of income. No more wondering what brands or PR agencies think - because now you'll KNOW.

With so many women wanting to learn exactly how they could work with brands, grow their blog, and do it in a legitimate way, I wanted so badly to create something unique where I could share that information with you.

Questions? I'm always an open book - katherine@slightlysavvy.com


When I started Slightly Savvy in early 2017, it was a way to get all of my PR strategies out of my head - literally so they wouldn’t keep me awake at night.

When I sharing my insider tips on bloggers working with brands, I was pretty quickly inundated with emails, DMs, and questions all from bloggers asking for advice on how they could work with brands, too.

BUT I was working 9-5 in Public Relations for a brand – I ran the PR department with press, media interviews, content creators, social media, trade shows around the world, etc.

So I was pretty busy.

While building Slightly Savvy on the side, launching Summer Camp (aka why you’re here right now), and really starting to create a hub of knowledge for content creators….Slightly Savvy grew.

Like a lot.

In July 2017, one Friday night, driving to sushi with my husband, I was thinking of ways bloggers could learn more about working with brands.

(you know, usual date night thoughts)

It was a beautiful summer night in Florida, with perfect pastel sunset skies, casual 90% humidity, and I thought, “You know what would be really fun? A summer camp for bloggers.”

2.2 seconds later, I was obsessed with the idea.

And like that, the first Summer Camp for bloggers was born, an online Camp allll about bloggers learning to work with brands from a PR perspective.

I immediately put my heart, soul, + industry contacts into Summer Camp.

I launched Slightly Savvy Summer Camp, hoping that maybeeee 2-5 bloggers would sign up, + I could bring them something amazing and never done before.

Flash forward to a month later, and over 40 bloggers signed up for Camp.

The feedback Post-Camp was incredible with….

  • Bloggers pitching themselves to brands and hearing a YES within 24 hours
  • Bloggers saying they learned more from Camp in 5 days than they had in 3 years of blogging
  • 100% of Campers saying they would recommend Summer Camp to a blogger friend


  • Our invite-only Facebook group where we can all talk, help each other out, + answer questions 1:1
  • SO many opportunities to submit YOUR questions - literally ask anything, we don't judge
  • 3 Facebook Lives -
    • available only in the Slightly Savvy 2018 Facebook Group
  • Post-camp Live Q&A


"I've negotiating higher blog and Instagram rates since joining Summer Camp. Before Summer Camp, I wasn’t totally sure how to price for Instagram posts, especially as my following grew, so I kind of just took whatever a brand offered me and ran with it. Before I did Summer Camp, I had around 13k Instagram followers and was accepting Instagram collabs for $50. With Summer Camp’s pricing guide, I confidently raised my prices.

Now I always use the pricing guide from Summer Camp when negotiating when brands. and I know exactly where my price points should be as my following continues to grow. I feel so much more comfortable sharing my rates with a brand, knowing that they are on par with industry standards."

- Michelle, Blogger + Content Creator


Day 1: What Brands Are Looking for In Bloggers and Influencers

The ultimate sneak peek behind the PR curtain.

So, isn’t this the million-dollar question?

“What exactly are brands even looking for in bloggers?”

Well, I know because I’m sitting on the other side of that email every day, searching through YouTube, Instagram, and diving down the blogger rabbit hole searching for the perfect influencers for my brand clients.

  • A specific breakdown of what PR firms and brands are really looking for when it comes to engagement rates, follower numbers, and content quality
  • Why you might not have heard back from a brand or gotten chosen for a previous campaign
  • A sneak peek into how I’ve chosen influencers and bloggers for past brand clients

Day 2: Pitching

Batter up.

Maybe you’re a pitching newbie, and you haven’t exactly ever sent an email to a brand before.

Or you’re a banger pitch who needs a little refinement, strategy, and best practices for getting more responses, more “YES, we’d love to work with you”s, and obviously, more money.

Day 3: Communication Strategy + Negotiation Tactics

I love pitching like any good publicist does, but where the actual money is made is in the negotiation.

Negotiating makes you feel all Godfather-meets-Gossip-Girl. You’re wheelin’ and dealin’, raising your prices, all while living out the blogger dream of photo shoots, writing, posting, and collaborating.

Day 4: Pricing 101: How to Create a Rate Sheet That Makes You Money

Perhaps the hardest part of working with brands is slapping a price tag on yourself and your work.

Which is why you don’t need to be guessing anymore or searching around the Internet when a brand asks, “So, what are your rates?”

You’ll get a concrete idea of to deliver that number with confidence the next time someone (like me) asks.

I can almost guarantee you’re not pricing yourself high enough.

Which is good to hear, right?

  • A step-by-step test on evaluating how you should set your rates and pricing
  • How to decide when you should be charging more
  • A step-by-step test on evaluating how you should set your rates and pricing
  • How to price for collaborations for micro influencers (30k followers or less)
  • How to leverage + price for different story ideas, social media platforms, + scale those as your brand grows
    • Example: the cost of a sponsored post vs. Instagram post with carousel vs. Instagram Story
  • Pros + cons of press kits + how to structure them for PR people

Day 5: Contracts and Invoicing

Now that you’ve pitched, landed a “YES,” and are in next steps, you need to know how to tackle the legalities. I see so many bloggers make major mistakes only because they didn’t know exactly what they were signing.

I know legal stuff is boring...but getting PAID and NOT landing yourself in legal trouble isn’t boring.

  • What to look for in a brand collaboration contract to make sure you're signing what you understand
  • How to redline a contract without legal help and ask for what you want
  • Demystifying payment terms, ownership rights, and legalities - so you make sure you get paid on time, what you're owed, and have a rights to your own content

Get started now!

"I joined Summer Camp because although I had been blogging for over 4 years and had worked with quite a few brands, all of the collaborations I had been doing were trade only. That’s right... after 4 plus years of blogging, I hadn’t gotten a single paid job (okay, to be fair I had, had a few offers, but they were all low paid and off brand).

After participating in Summer Camp, I booked my first paid collaboration for $400 while my total following was still around 35k. Per Katherine’s suggestion, I gave the PR contact multiple pricing package options to choose from which really made a big difference in closing the deal. I have continually been using this technique and Katherine’s brand centered approach to pitching in order to secure additional paid jobs.

I would highly recommend Summer Camp as it’s the only one out there where you will get the inside scoop directly from a PR perspective. Katherine also went above and beyond giving me detailed answers to specific questions which were extremely useful. Sign up for this course... you can’t afford to miss it!”

- Lisa, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger/Actress /Writer/Creator of @thefashlifeseries


  • Camp will be ONLINE with Day 1 launching March 26, 2018
  • Pre-recorded videos will be available each day via Teachable platform
  • Each day in the exclusive Facebook group, we'll be starting discussions on this topics, and answering any questions you have
  • Final day of Camp is March 30 - but don't worry, you'll have access to the content forever



  • With Summer Camp, you can make 10X the cost of Camp with brand collaborations...in literally 1 month

Your Instructor


Katherine is the creator of Slightly Savvy, a blogger's sneak peek into the inside world of PR. She quickly discovered her unique perspective from the PR world could provide so much never-before-heard value to bloggers + influencers hustling their own blogs, wanting to work with brands.

After trading in her full-time PR job to run her own PR firm, she specializes in publicity and influencer relations, from A-list celebrities to former US Senators to some of the most well-known bloggers + influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Camp start and finish?
Your first pre-recorded video is available on March 26, 2018 via Teachable. Every day of the Camp (March 26 - March 30), a new video will go live, and we'll discuss 1:1 in the Facebook group,
How long do I have access to Camp?
Forever and always. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to Summer Camp - across any and all devices you own.
Why should I invest in Summer Camp?
Short answer? A strategic and simple return on your investment. Working with brands and making money from brand collaborations can be that turning point from blogging as a side-hustle to going full-time. If you've read all the way down here you're invested, you're smart, and you're wanting to learn. So take advantage of Summer Camp to learn tips, tricks, and strategies other PR pros just aren't sharing.
Can I get a refund?
Some brand collaborations take MONTHS to play out. For this reason, Summer Camp can't be refunded.

Summer Camp only opens twice a year.

Join over 40+ bloggers who invested in Summer Camp with 100% of them saying they would recommend Camp to a blogger friend.

Get started now!